Commercial Overhead Doors

Commercial overhead doors are not only utilitarian, but they have also become enormously popular. Even residential customers are installing what was once considered an overhead commercial door as trends shift to accommodate hospitality and combining both indoor and outdoor space. Retail businesses, restaurants, bars, car dealerships and fire stations are just a few of the businesses we serve in Greenville, South Carolina and beyond.

Overhead doors have historically been useful and durable, but they can also now be attractive. They are also put to a wide variety of uses. Insulated, sectional overhead doors are common for use in loading bays while other doors are used as a frequent entry point to service drives at automotive dealerships and services like oil and tire changes. Fire station door and hanger doors each serve other purposes. Whatever your business requires, we can help.

Overhead Garage Doors

Our Commercial Overhead Door Selection

New construction installation is a great opportunity to find the perfect overhead door for your commercial property. The right door can both help to increase the value of your commercial real estate property as well as provide immense curb appeal. Bilt Rite's service professionals can work with you to find the right door to fit your commercial property space and use and to do so in a cost-effective way that fits within your budget.

  • Rolling doors
  • High-speed doors
  • Custom doors, and more
  • Sectional doors
  • Four-fold doors

Our doors are engineered with an emphasis on quality and dependability and fabricated with only high-quality materials. We understand that frequent use requires quality parts and utility that can be depended on to last for many years. Our commercial overhead doors are built with that in mind. We know you take your business seriously and we do, too. You should be fully satisfied with the function, quality, cost and design of the door you choose.

Repair & Maintenance

Because commercial doors tend to get more traffic and wear-and-tear than residential, we offer full-service repair and maintenance for your commercial overhead door. Our service plan takes you through installation and throughout the life of your door's purpose. We provide quality products that last, but anything with moving parts can experience issues from time to time. If that happens, we will be there for you, and we will be timely and professional.

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